Sunday, November 9, 2008

ok, so it's been a massive long time since I've posted out here!  The down side of being expected to work and not play online at my job.  That, and I have my internet access back at home.  No need for it in the summer time right?

There isn't anything to update actually...oh, wait.  I did take a new job!  I'm a "Financial Specialist" in Hematology/Oncology.  It's pretty cool actually.  Told a lady on Friday that I would not bill Medicare with false information and risk jail time.  She seemed taken back by this.

Also, I'm happy to report that I did receive 3 child support checks in the last month!!!!  Woot Woot!

I'll be making a random trip to Forks, WA next weekend as well :D  Staying in the "Bella" suite at the Dew Drop Inn!  I need my fill of Vampires and La Push.  If only Edward was real :(  I decided that Robert Patterson must be on drugs too.  His interviews are so random, doesn't seem like he's really there...mentally.  I cannot wait to see Twilight though!!!  I finished the series, again, today.  3rd time thru!  Tali even is part way thru.  She's as obsessed as I am.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Weight Loss

So I started a new diet on Saturday called this stuff!!! I've already dropped 11 pounds, so only 73 more to go! Not too much right? Best thing is I get to eat :D Two meal replacement shakes and then one meal around 400-600 other stuff I'm taking, but it's all natural (and not like ephedra natural), but cinnamon and cumin type of stuff. Basically it's a cellular detox. Not a colon detox :)

If you're interested in it let me know and I'll get you some info. Or, you could always visit the website

I was going to take a naked before picture but thought I'd spare all of you the trauma. I'll send you the after...fully clothed. (you're welcome)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Selling Coffee Table, End Table, and Entertainment Center

Need to sell crap!!!! If you want it, check it out or send it on to someone who does.

The longer I hold onto this stuff the smaller my townhouse gets.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Magic Blanket Challenge DISASTER!

It's so sad, I had a few brilliant ideas this week and nothing came to pass.

Project #1: Put on all of Talia's Girl Scout patches.
Should have been easy enough, all you have to do is iron them on right? Apparently not. I had all the patchs out, borrowed the iron from a friend, and made myself a little carpet picnic. I was really to start ironing!!! One minor problem, turns out you have to sew the dang things on! Project #1 destroyed. (yes I know I could have drove to the store and bought the special iron on adhesive stuff or sewn them on with my invisible sewing machine that I don't know how to work).

Project #2: Gather all pictures and make photo books.
This was a 3 step process:
First I had to travel all the way across the street to Whitney's to get all my St. Thomas and Cancun pictures off of her computer. After realizing that I couldn't upload them to the Costco site we burned them onto a CD. Step 1 completed...feeling very hopeful at this point.

Second, must download photo book software (which says it's for Windows systems only, but my MAC is awesome and made it work). Then I needed transfer pictures from the CD onto my computer. Easy enough right. Made it thru one CD, and half way thru the next before major malfunction happened with the monitor. After turning it on and off in attempt to bring the picture back, it stopped working all together. No monitor = no upload = no photo books.

Third step in process demolished by disaster in step 2.

So none of my projects were completed; however, I have a couple great things to do now that I wouldn't have even thought of doing a week ago. I'd have just sent the patches to my dad to sew on, and the pictures would have remained on the computer for life. Plus, now I get to go shopping for a new monitor that will be bigger and better than before!

I was able to dye Whitney's hair for her challenge though. I even used my super human skills and did her whole head with one bottle!!! She has horse hair and it always takes 2 bottles, so I feel like I at least accomplished something.

Wart remover....yummy

Ever eat WART medicine? You're probably dry heaving with the thought of it right? Well last night I had a brilliant idea and decided to do just the thing! Only this is that part where my mothers face is flashing in front of me "Make sure you read the labels", along with the bright green and black Mr. Yuck stickers.

I have a canker soar right below my front teeth in the gum line, and it's been bugging me for a couple days. I thought last night would be a good time to put some magic Kanka on it and make it go away. So I pull the bottle out of the medicine shoe box, apply a little the process getting it all over my lip and hardly hitting the little spot I was shooting for. It turns all it should right? I stings like crazy, and I think to myself...does this always happen? Oh well, carry on, you'll be all healed in the morning. Well I get up this morning and it still hurts, and this overwhelming taste of mold is engulfing my mouth. I look in my mouth, and now the spot is really white (and all surrounding areas) so I try brushing it off...nope, doesn't work. Then I realize that my skin is starting to fall off!!!! OH CRAP!

I grab the bottle that's still on the bathroom counter and go to check the date thinking that it must be expired because it's never done this to me before.
(Que scary music here)
Dr. Scholl's Clear Away Liquid Wart Remover!!!!!!! vomit.

Um, so not ok! The bottles look exactly the same! Now all I can think of are warts in my mouth and gross flaky dead white skin falling off and secretly being swallowed. Good thing I have a dentist appointment this afternoon. Maybe they have a magic cure. Or if nothing else, a very high legal dose of laughing gas.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Magic Blanket Challenge

I have this friend, and she's so beyond creative these days that it makes me miss having her around. Granted her being around was back in the days of high school, but I'm allowed to miss those times! She's put out this challenge to her friends (see link), and I've decided to take her up on it!

If anyone feels like doing a project this week and wants to join me I'm more than happy to have company. I've been thinking all morning about what I could do. Now I'm not really crafty, I don't sew, I already chopped all my hair off last that doesn't count; however, I could still do something that would be fun and meaningful, and well, just plain needs to get done!

What better way to get your friends off their behinds moving on a project then offering a free Prada bag, right? Now don't get too excited, I'll offer you nothing more then my company, but that's still good right? So, any day this week you want to come and scrapbook, or make a quilt, or color your hair, or clean out your closet...CALL ME!

I've decided on my project. I have all these pictures from my travels this last year. Most of them are sitting on my computer, the rest have been printed and are on the top shelf of the bookcase (and have been since March 07). I figured it's time to put together little albums for each trip. I'll need to do 4 in all....

St. Thomas Virgin Island

Each gets their very own album, vs. my typical chronological placement in the regular family album. Especially since half of them include and ex love, I think they may need to be done separate as to spare a possible future partner any discomfort.

See, I've just left the pictures of him on the shelf because I haven't been in the mood to dig up all the emotional trauma that goes with looking at them, but I think it's time I just suck it up and go thru them. Display them proudly, or at least be able to look back on them fondly now.

So my project this week is not just one of needing to get these albums done, but a journey thru an exciting, emotional year of love and heartbreak and healing.